RogRogers and Hammerstein's The King and I, the Musical at the City Theatre of Independence from June 11 - June 21, 2009
Directed by Jack McCord
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City Theatre of Independence
201 North Dodgion
Independence, MO 64050
(816) 325-7367

       by Adrianne DeWeese        

   Independence City Theatre presents "King and I"

Among the 40 cast member are Ryan, Carrie and Finoula Emmons; Cassie, Alyssa and Alexiya Mendez; Karen, Isaac and Andrew Letsch; and Ed and Keely McElligott.  read more>>

Musical Cast:

The King - Brad Wright
Anna Leonowens - Sariah Pinick
Lady Thiang - Ginger Driskell Birch
Tup Tim - Maria Milazzo
Louis Leonowens - Ryan Emmons
Prince Chululongkorn - Domenico Tarantola
Tthe Kralahome - Bill Rogers
Lun Tha - Nicholas Vlasin
Captain Orton - Mile Wimpy
Sir Edward Ramsay - Edward Johnson
The Interpreter - John Riley
Princess Ying Yaowlak - Keely McElligott
The Royal Children:
    Joanna Goff, Jill Smith, Alexiya Lourdes Mendez , Blake Savidge, Andrew Letsch, Isaac Letsch, Mattix Chu, Finoula Emmons,    
    Mosha Clyma, Lilly Maggio
The Royal Wives: Carrie Emmons, Karen Letsch, Lauren Resch, Patty Baker, Cassie Mendez, Terri Beale
The Royal Dancers (Small House of Uncle Thomas)
Eliza - Alyssa Cassandra Mendez
Simon Of Legree - Curtis Grigsby
Topsy - Anna O'Renick
Little Eva - Mosha Clyma
Additional Dancers:
    Rachael Rodriguez, Chloe Denton, Jill Smith, Joanna Goff
Royal Guards:

    Paul Harris, Jack McCord